Company History

Uretek has over 40 years of experience in producing the highest quality engineered heat-sealable polyurethane coated and laminated fabrics and composites for world class manufacturers. 

Our long term commitment to the development of high tech urethane solutions across varying industries and markets has fueled the growth and success of companies across the world.  Our new product development expertise and custom coating and laminating capabilities streamline our customers’ development efforts, bring new products to market faster, and help improve existing product performance to meet critical market demands. 

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is steadfast from development through production and beyond, and companies in industries as widely varied as Aerospace, Medical, Outdoor Recreation and Defense have trusted the quality and performance of Uretek’s products for over forty years.

In providing technically advanced urethane products coupled with outstanding quality and performance, Uretek has become the leader of engineered heat-sealable polyurethane coated fabrics and composites worldwide.